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Taking eCommerce Further.

Omnicia has created a number of addons for the Zencart platform- including the popular Reward Points and Inc/Ex tax modules. Most of the addon modules were created for our sites or those of our clients and then freely donated to the Zencart community. All the addon modules are written for easy installing and to have zero impact on any of the core source.

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Zencart Addons.

Reward Points

Full Reward Point/Loyalty Card Suite featuring: global, category or product level setting of reward points earned. Redeem value can be set globally or by customer groups. Smart syncing automatically moves points between pending and earned and visa versa. Powerful Customer, Product and Group Redeem Admin control panels. Fully configurable. Comes with multiple selectable Sideboxes and Order Total add-ons.

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Include/Exclude Tax in Prices

This module adds a further option to the Admin Configuration item 'Display Prices with Tax' which will display both tax excluded and tax included prices. It can be configured to show both prices simultaneously or can present the user with a Sidebox which will allow them to toggle between the two.

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Category Tab Dropdown Bar

This mod adds a very simple CSS dropdown menu to the Category Tab. It is a single level only so it will display subcategories or products depending on what the category contains.

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Realex RealDirect Payment Module

This mod adds the Realex payment gateway to Zencart. It has been ported from an osCommerce module (supplied by Realex) and modified to work with Zencart. The source code was also fixed so now the module can handle multiple Realex accounts instead of just the default.

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Other Zencart Modules

Download Forum Thread Manufacturer Tab Bar Works exactly like the standard Category Tab bar that comes built into Zencart listing Manufacturers instead of Categories.

Download Forum Thread ClustrMaps Sidebox Adds a sidebox showing a ClustrMaps visitor location overview. Note: You must have a ClustrMaps account to use this mod.

Download Forum Thread Category/Manufacturer Switchable Sidebox Adds a sidebox which allows a user to toggle between Categories and Manufacturers